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Virginia’s Original Real Estate School

As Virginia’s original Real Estate School, Moseley Flint is the leader and gold standard in real estate education. With almost 50 years of experience, we teach our own time tested and proven curriculum. We are also ONLY in Virginia, so everything we do is specialized for the Virginia real estate market. We offer our students a chance to get educated by Virginia based professionals who specialize in Virginia Real Estate. Best of all, our best-in-class exam prep tools are available for FREE with every pre-licensing class. This is something that none of our top competitors offer.


Classroom Course, Interactive Online Course, and Correspondence Course Options

We have the most comprehensive options for pre-license classes that fit your schedule and lifestyle. Most Virginia real estate schools only offer online courses, or live webinars. Moseley Flint offers you more choices. We have live classes in 50 locations throughout Virginia, as well as correspondence and interactive online options. Additionally, if you sign up for one version of a course and decide it’s not for you, you can change to a different version during the course. We are here to help you pass the VA real estate exam, in whichever learning style fits you best.


Statewide Live Classes

Moseley Flint offers statewide live classes taught by professionals in the field. Our state required pre-licensing classes provide a comprehensive review of the most important topics you’ll need to pass the statewide exam. This 60 hour pre-license course includes 32 hours of live instruction with a local broker. This is the student’s opportunity to network and benefit from someone with real world experience teaching them. With over 50 locations throughout the state, it is easy to find a location convenient for you. The added benefit of instruction from Virginia real estate professionals can provide a great support system for anyone who wants to break into the Virginia real estate market.


Free On Demand Exam Prep Video

Applied real world learning presented in “A House’s Story” – an on-demand video format you can review repeatedly at your leisure. “A House’s Story” covers the most important topics on the state licensing exam by reviewing how a house gets sold from beginning to end. Review how to apply real-world context to real estate theories and practices. Our competitors can’t touch the detail we provide you in this on-demand video format. (A $90 value included FREE with tuition)


Free On Demand Video Review

Moseley Flint’s “Learning Through Questions” prep tool presents exam-type questions in on-demand video format. Stop the video to answer the questions, and then review an instructor’s explanation of the answer and how to solve the problem. This tool also includes exam-taking tips and an entire section of real estate math questions. (A $90 value included FREE with tuition)


Free 1,300 Question Exam Simulator

No one has a practice exam as comprehensive as Moseley Flint. With over 1,300 questions, and no limit to how often you can take it, these practice exams along with the online real estate flashcards, and on-demand review videos, will get you ready for the Virginia real estate exam better than anything our competitors can offer. Most other schools offer exam simulators, but charge a premium price for them. Ours is included in the price of every pre-licensing course. (A $99 value included FREE with tuition)


Free Online Real Estate Flashcards

Utilizing 500 of the most common real estate terms and phrases, Moseley Flint has curated online “flashcards” for studying. Use this tool to test your knowledge and learn the terminology of real estate. (A $49 value included FREE with tuition)


Moseley Flint offers an experience that none of its competitors can match. Our competitors just don’t have the superior instruction of Moseley Flint, and they don’t offer best-in-class exam prep tools for FREE as part of the course curriculum. We are so confident that Moseley Flint is the best school for you, that we are offering a PASS YOUR EXAM MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don’t pass your licensing exam on the first try!


Looking for the best start to your real estate career in Virginia? Find the best course option for your lifestyle here, with Virginia’s best real estate school, Moseley Flint.