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Success Through Learning - A brand new program combining our proven online course with live webinar tutoring!

Learn from the best and achieve Success Through Learning! Take our proven online salesperson licensing course by itself or in combination with live webinar tutoring from our best and most knowledgeable real estate instructors. Choose the package that includes the level of support, materials and tutoring hours to fit your needs.

For best results, we recommend the Ultimate Package which combines our VAREB-approved 60-hour online course with tutoring via live webinar with the course author and multiple proven study aids to ensure you're successfully and fully prepared to pass our required course and the state licensing exam.

VAREB-Approved 60-Hour Online Course

Everything in the Basic Package PLUS

Everything in the Premium Package PLUS

Whiteboard Animation Videos-Simulates live classroom setting in an easy-to-understand format.

Chapter Quizzes with Explanations-Randomly generated so each quiz is unique, reinforces learning objectives.

Message Board-Moderated full time by course author.

Hover-over Glossary-Definitions displayed when holding mouse over key words.

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16 Hours of Live Webinar Tutoring - A House's Story-This instructor-led review of the most important topics on the state licensing exam covers, in sequence, how a house gets sold from beginning to end. Two evenings a week for two weeks.

Principles of Real Estate Textbook -National + Virginia real estate license law and the rules and regulations of the Virginia REB. Includes a real estate math appendix and a reference glossary. 325 pages.

TestPrep Online Exam Simulator-Over 1200 PSI style practice questions to help you prepare for the VA state licensing exam. Create practice exams to prepare for the state exam, or study by question category. Randomly generated so you never see the same exam twice.
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Additional 16 Hours of Live Webinar Tutoring-A House's Story II-This instructor-led review includes "Learning From Questions" that uses sample questions to review and illustrate the concepts on the state licensing exam. Two evenings a week for 4 weeks.

Real Estate Flashcards Boxed Set-500 durable Real Estate TestPrep flashcards with the most common real estate terms and phrases.

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